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Ecobee smart thermostat is traditionally regarded as one of the smartest thermostat having a lot of features. And, the company has recently launched its fifth-generation model with voice control named Ecobee voice Control Smart Thermostat. It is providing a lot more new features than the previous ones. It has featured advanced Alexa, as well as multimedia, support, more strapping audio elements, and double band WIFI system is a common feature it is offering. The installation process is very easy; it is trouble-free for the consumers for use and variety of third party support.

This smart thermostat is invariably one of our top picks due to its advanced components. In other words, it is beyond our expectation that Alexa powered Ecobee has too many much better options. It has the remote room sensors too.

Designs and Features

At first look, the smart thermostat with voice control appearance similar to the Ecobee4. It is the same size (4.2 by 4.2 by 1.0 inches, HWD) and encompasses a shiny black screen/bezel over a white enclosure. You would not are aware of it from wanting, however, the new thermostat uses a glass screen to hide the 3.5-inch, 480-by-320-pixel color bit show. The 2 microphone holes on either aspect of the screen cowl a try of digital microphones that provide echo cancellation and additional advanced audio process than the analog microphones used in the Ecobee voice Control Smart Thermostat.

The new thermostat is provided with a speaker (at rock bottom of the enclosure) that’s doubly as powerful because the one used in the previous model and additionally offers a wider dynamic vary. There is associate degree LED strip on the top of the device that glows blue after you use Alexa voice command and red once the microphone is turned off. The backplate contains twelve terminals for connecting to heating and air-con, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air ventilation devices, and different HVAC accessories.

Ecobee includes one remote space Smart Sensor that helps keep temperatures uniform throughout your house, particularly in rooms that area unit secluded from the thermostat. The new device offers an extended range and extended battery life (up to 5 years) than the previous model. Additional Smart Sensors is purchased for $79 for a pack of 2.

The thermostat is high-powered by a one.5GHz quad-core central processor, 4GB of flash memory, and 512MB of DDR4 RAM. The proximity and occupancy sensors tell the thermostat if you’re home or away and permit it to change to a planned target temperature so as to conserve energy, and therefore the far-field tech enables you to issue voice commands from across the area. Additionally under the hood is dual-band Wi-Fi electronic equipment that enables you to attach the thermostat to a pair of.4GHz or 5 GHz WI-Fi radio band (the Ecobee4 is restricted to the two.4GHz band).

As with the Ecobee4, the smart Thermostat With Voice supports Amazon Alexa voice technology, which suggests you’ll use it by Amazon Echo device, however, this point around Ecobee has further support for Alexa career, Messaging, and Drop-In. Additionally, to Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and Pandora music streaming, you’ll currently stream Spotify music and play it directly from the thermostat or stream it to a Bluetooth speaker.

The thermostat additionally works with Apple’s Home Kit platform, supports Google Assistant and Siri voice commands, interacts with different smart home devices that support IFTTT (If This Then That) applets, and maybe value-added to the Smart Things, Vera, and Wink home automation systems.

You control the indoor regulator using an identical android and iOS transportable application because of the Ecobee4. It will likewise be controlled utilizing the big screen, the above-mentioned voice controls, or from a computer utilizing internet comfort. The application’s home screen shows the current temperature and features a slider for setting the target temperature.

Below the temperature readout is four symbols. The Settings symbol offers varied tabs for planning the indoor regulator. Utilize the System tab to empower and debilitate warming, cooling, and fans. The Sensors tab is that the place you head to empower the smart Home/Away element, that changes your warming and cooling settings if the indoor regulator sensors establish that nobody is home, and therefore the schedule tab allows you to form day by day and week by week warming and cooling plans. within the Comfort Settings menu, you’ll set temperature limits for once you are home and away, and you’ll have the indoor regulator switch temperatures for once you are snoozing or within the inside of a furlough. The Reminders and Alerts menu provides you an opportunity to rearrange low and extreme temperature and moistness alarms and set maintenance updates.

To see the current climate conditions and five-day prediction, tap the climate symbol. The rigging icon takes you to the short changes screen wherever you’ll change from Home to Away modes, and therefore the receiver icon opens a screen where you’ll alter speaker volume, empower or handicap the mouthpiece, interface Alexa to Spotify, and combine the indoor regulator with a Bluetooth speaker. You would like to utilize the web console to use the house I.Q. highlight, which provides productivity reports, authentic data of HVAC utilization, and the way outside conditions have affected your HVAC framework.

Installation process and performance

The smart Thermostat with Voice comes with a close installation guide and is straightforward to put in, however, if you are not comfortable operating with electrical wires (even low-tension wires), you must have knowledgeable handle the installation.

We had made an experiment. We started by turning off the breaker for our thermostat circuit and took a picture of the prevailing wiring. Like different Ecobee thermostats, this one comes with labels that you just will use to mark your wires that make things easier once it comes time to wire up the Ecobee backplate. We had disconnected the recent thermostat, fed the wires through the backplate, and connected the plate to the wall exploitation the constitutional level to confirm a straight installation. Ecobee voice Control Smart Thermostat is actually very easy to install.

Our system includes a C wire; therefore, we used to be able to attach our wires on to the rear plate terminals. If you do not have a C wire, use the enclosed PEK (Power Extender Kit) and follow the wiring directions in the written guide. Once the backplate was wired, we snapped the thermostat onto the bottom plate, registered it exploitation the mobile app and therefore the provided verification code, and installation was complete.

The thermostat reacted instantly to our action commands no matter whether or not we used the big screen, the mobile app, the net console, or Alexa and Siri voice commands. We had created a daily heating schedule that is followed to a tee. Like the Ecobee4, the thermostat worked splendidly with a Home Kit scene to show off a structure light-weight once it switches to sleep mode, an IFTTT applications program to own a TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300 outlet activate once the humidity hit a particular threshold.

The Smart Sensor did an excellent job of maintaining a gentle target temperature in an exceeding basement sleeping room, and push and email alerts arrived instantly once the temperature and humidity levels reached our designed thresholds.

Alexa practicality was equally spectacular in testing. We had no bother enjoying songs from an Amazon Music account or receiving the most recent news and baseball scores. Moreover, the thermostat had no bother process voice commands from across the area, and that we were able to manage the devices coupled to our Alexa account even as simply as if we had exploitation of an  Echo device. Audio output is perceptibly louder and fuller than that of the Ecobee4, however still approximately as sturdy because of the output from an avid Amazon Echo and speaker.

Ecobee is on the top till now

As much as we research the new model, there’s not exactly a sufficient bump of performance to justify supplanting a fourth-age Ecobee—or even one of the Ecobee three models in the event that you couldn’t care less about having a smart speaker in your brilliant indoor regulator.

In any case, you’re hoping to supplant an old smart thermostat or an early advanced Smartphone, the all-new Ecobee smart thermostat with voice control is the model we’d suggest, no doubt. It’s delightful to take a gander at and simple to utilize, its AI will get familiar with your examples and inclinations more rapidly than everything else, it’s Alexa execution is far and away superior to what’s on offer with the fourth-age model, and the new Smart Sensors perform better and convey longer range and is highly suggested.