CCTREE Creality CR-10S Pro with Upgraded Auto-Level


  • Capricorn PTFE tubing ensures an excellent tolerance for 1.75mm filament which improves printing quality drastically. Bondtech extruder gears ensure steady and accurate feed rates without slipping due to its unique dual gear design compared to traditional MK8 extruders which use one gear and a capture wheel.
  • The all new V 2.4 control board on the CR-10S Pro delivers the quietest sound levels of any 3D printer on the market, all while delivering the powerful features of previous control boards such as resume print. From even just a few meters away, the 10S Pro is nearly silent
  • The 16 point Matrix Leveling feature is the most complete auto-leveling ever offered by Creality. Simply use the the 4 inch LCD touch screen color display and the 10S Pro will automatically measure the height of 16 unique points on the hotbed to determine the ideal settings for perfect prints every time
  • The Meanwell branded power supply delivers 500W of power to the 10S Pro, taking it from room temperature to 120* C in just 5 minutes. Maintaining high temperatures for demanding filaments like ABS is now easier than ever.


This printer 3D printer  Model technology is FDM.printing size is 300*300*400mm / 11.8 x11.8 x15.7 inch. Net weight is 13.1kg. Filament Diameter: 1.75mm. Filament: PLA, ABS,Wook,TPU,Gradient Color, Carbon fiber,etc.Its total power is Total Power: 480W. The capability of Power Supply is Input:100~240V 5.9A, Outputted 24V 21A. Supported Slice Software’s are Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D. It can Be Working on 2Modes, Online or SD card offline. The Nozzle Temp advantage is Less than 260-degree centigrade.


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