Swagtron Swagboard Twist Lithium Hoverboard


  • Startup self-balancing – this user-friendly hoverboard allows for quick and easy mounting by automatically balancing upright when powered on
  • Certified strength and resistance – The T881 is crafted with strong ABS polymer that fulfills Ul2272 standards to protect against drops, crashes, and overheating
  • Double the torque – a pair of twin 250W motors creates the ultimate duo for conquering stubborn slopes and scorching the streets with style
  • Powerful joyride – hop on deck to power up to 7 mph, Traverse up to 4.8 mi on a single charge, or climb INCLINES up to 30˚
  • Vibrant lights – the t881’s built-in battery and system indicators help you keep track of battery life and diagnostics while its headlight keeps your path illuminated at night


this user neighborly hoverboard allows for fast and painless mounting by naturally balancing upright when powered on. The T881 is crafted with capable  ABS polymer that accomplishes Ul2272 standards to defend against the bead, blast, and overheating.


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