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Nowadays smart speaker is one of the most popular forms of recreation to a lot of people and it is not a denying fact at all. Smart Speaker Market and benefits are now beyond imagination. The giant of e-commerce Amazon has sold over 50 Echo devices around the world in August 2018. People from all over the world have liked this smart device of Amazon.

The global smart speaker market size was valued at $4,358 million in 2017 and is projected to reach $23,317 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 23.4% from 2018 to 2025. North America constituted the highest smart speaker market share of 36.9%. The smart speaker market growth rate is highest in Asia-Pacific delivering a CAGR of 24.93%.

A smart speaker is a remote speaker empowered by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or different remote conventions and fueled by a menial helper, which is driven by man-made consciousness. It is the most recent mechanical advancement overwhelming the shopper innovation advertise and is enacted by a voice direction to perform various errands, for example, tuning in to music, requesting nourishment, and web-based shopping.

Among the total population in the United States of America over the age of 18 has a smart speaker. It means equivalent to the total population in the country there are 53 million active users of the smart speaker and this data shows the importance of this growing demand and necessity of this product. According to a report, 53% of people are smart speaker user who uses this device every day with another 15% using it at least once in a week. Despite this data, approximately 28.1 million Americans use smart speaker technology every day.

In 1990s people use to dream about smart homes to make their life easier and safe. The smart speaker is bringing us awfully close to actual useful functionality in this department.

In this industry field, there are two main big players they are Amazon and Google. Both of these companies spend maximum time for the improvement of these smart products to gain customer’s trust.

Now a general question rises why this smart product has such user all over the USA. As it is technological innovations for the people. Firstly the increased amount of use smart technology in cars. A lion’s share of use by people for automobiles can be the reason. Smart Speaker Market and benefits are growing day by day.

Second of all experts believe that expanded adoption in Smartphone usage. As via smartphones people are able to integrate Google Assistant or Alexa into their device structure. Due to the increased demand for smartphones, smart speaker functionality operates in their phones.

This pointer is a major driver into why we see both Google turning into a major player in the telephone space and Amazon at any try it an attempt with the flame telephone.

So what does the eventual fate of smart speaker utilization resemble? It presumably will be much increasingly normal, and it doesn’t resemble this developing innovation is leaving at any point in the near future.

Now let’s find out the reason for the benefits of this smart gadget

Easily Accessible

First of all the smart speaker is a virtual assistant which is very easy to get to. This is a smart device which operates just by saying the word “Alexa” surrounded by a logical distance from the device. This product has a nature of the voice-activated speaker. It such a smart product which helps you built-in voice control from Alexa puts songs, playlists, and more at the tip of your tongue. And you have the liberty to control the music just the way you like to do – with your voice, with a tap on the top controls, or with the Bose Music app.

Social alliance

In a social perspective, smart speakers provide the reciprocal of a human alliance. Even if it looks odd at first by a Guardian report that at about three-quarters of senior citizens feel alone and half suffer from silence. In this situation, smart speakers can be their good friend and time pass.

Smart reminder

In today’s hustling schedule people often forget a lot of things which carries great importance to their family and personal life as well as professional life. In that case, will that be so nice to have an auto smart reminder with you?

The author feels it’s really necessary.

It is nice having someone with you always for knocking when something is due or when you have some important task to complete. It’s normal you will not get time to create dates in a calendar or to look at your calendar to see if there is anything important event is impending.

With the condition that you are an extremely busy person who has a busy schedule and looking for the best solution, this is what you have been looking for. As it is too much easy saying “Hey Alexa, remind me to attend the meeting on Monday at 3:00 PM”. You don’t need to do anything else in the time you mentioned Alexa will say “you have a meeting at 3:00 PM today. All you need to do is just say “Alexa remind me”.

Connectivity in the Workplace

Cooperation is fundamental if it comes to achieving specific aims in the enterprise you work in. Your colleges often communicate face-to-face or by using the mobile phone, telephone or via email. All these are the most vital elements of communication in the workplace. A supplementary way is the use of Smart speaker as an intercom. It allows people to connect with one another in the easiest way. Moreover, you can use this smart gadget for making a phone call. This device allows for hands-free use and the sound quality is just flourishing. 

The nice medium of enjoyment

Traditionally office is considered as a boring place for the employees. They have a huge work pressure of work. Doing the same thing all over the time spoils the work quality. Sometimes it is necessary for the employees having some recreation. Many employees become more constructive when they have music playing in their backdrop. It makes the workplace more amusing and even more boost some. This smart speaker market and benefits also acts as a modern-day-Jukebox.

The main benefit of the device is that you don’t need to spend hours scrolling through the music playlist all the time. By simply asking the gadget to play a specific song is enough. The music will start playing even genre, the smart speaker takes care of the rest.


Much the same as within the correspondence area, Smart Speakers can do astonishing things when arranged. On the off chance that you have a signed declaration to make to your organization, you can make that declaration through your Smart Speaker and those with their Smart Speakers will hear the communicated declaration. Simply one more case of how these gadgets can improve efficiency in the working environment.

Voice-activated assistants work as a computer — all the smarts are hosted and delivered by Amazon or Google over the internet. To get started with Google Home, users need a Google account, a mobile device — such as a phone or tablet — and the latest version of the Google Home app (found in the App store on your mobile device). Plug in Google Home and follow the instructions on the app to connect to Wi-Fi. Amazon Echo sets up in a similar fashion but requires the Alexa app instead of Home.

If you’re a fan of shopping at which includes access to streaming music and video services — you may consider the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are the smaller assistants that are more affordable, and they do much the same thing as the larger options. They’re not as loud, but you can place a few of these around your home — and they’re all connected over your Wi-Fi.

Smart Speaker Market and benefits have some potential GD-PR concerns to address, in terms of whether verbal consent to receive information is sufficient, although it is likely the ICO will issue guidance in due course.

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